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A.I. Tech - AI-FIRE

AI-FIRE is the ideal solution to meet the needs of securing spaces. This high spec analytics technology can be used in indoor environments such as homes, museums, shopping malls, factories, warehouses.. as well as in outdoor environments like woodlands, landfill waste sites or storage sites.

Solution Type: Video Analytics, Fire & Life Safety Systems, Alarm Systems
Targeted Industries: Safe City | Government Facilities | Manufacturing and Industrial | Retail | Residential | Logistics
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Solution Description

AI-FIRE is a video analytics app that uses deep neural networks to enable early flame detection. The app is particularly useful in all those environments where traditional fire detectors are ineffective or cannot be used, like large indoor and outdoor environments, such as factories, car parks, waste management areas, or even forests and woodlands; even at a great distance from the installation site of the cameras. This server based technology uses video image security cameras for analytics and places no limits on the number of areas that can be configured within the framed scene.
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User Benefits

  • Smoke or flame detection using Hikvision CCTV cameras
  • Advanced A.I. algorithm
  • Over 20 years of scientific and technological expertise
  • Protect urban infrastructure as well as rural and agricultural areas
  • No limits on the number of areas that can be configured within the framed scene

Key Features

  • early fire detection in difficult environments
  • indoor or outdoor
  • even at a great distance from the cameras
  • ISAPI integration with Hikvision cameras
  • Incident reporting and management tools provided or sent to PSIM / VMS

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility



Thermal Camera

Technical Details

Partner Product Name: AI-FIRE

Partner Product Version: -

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: all cameras can be used to supply RTSP. Our system is particularly well used with Bi-spectrum thermal cameras

Integration Protocol: ISAPI


Regions: Asia, Latin America, Middle East & North Africa, North America, Oceania, Europe, Africa

Languages: English, French, Italian

About A.I. Tech

A.I. Tech s.r.l. is an Italy company that designs and develops cutting-edge video analytics solutions, enhanced by advanced algorithms of artificial vision and artificial intelligence. The video analytic solutions are basically apps that are able to make a camera smart: indeed, thanks to our solutions, the camera doesn't just record the video stream but is also able to understand what's happening in the scene. Born in 2010 as a spinoff company of the University of Salerno, up to today it has developed more than 20 video analytic apps, together with a dashboard for data analysis. Also, the apps send notifications when an event of interest occurs, as they integrate with different VMSs, NVRs and other devices reachable through standard protocols.