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Tether Platform for Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)

Tether Technology uses hardware, cutting-edge software and a cloud service to bring together all place-based physical security devices into a user-friendly dashboard that can be accessed from anywhere.

Solution Type: Cloud VSaaS
Targeted Industries: Retail | Safe City | Commercial | Manufacturing and Industrial | Logistics | General
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Solution Description

Tether is a cloud-based security and IoT platform, securely aggregating and visualising data across multiple devices and locations. Tether enables Business Improvement Districts to unite any legacy or new cameras (including Hikvision), alarms, sensors and devices in a quick and easy way, monitor multiple sites from a single access point, find and share clear timelapse footage in minutes, remotely monitor the health of the whole security network and remain compliant in their service to (and expectations of) their BID Levy payers.
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User Benefits

  • Unifies all IP cameras, alarms, sensors, security devices and sites into a single platform
  • Fast incidence response – real-time gang, thieves, fly tipping, illegal encampment alerts
  • Access, monitor and manage sites remotely in a COVID-safe environment, ensuring H&S/personal safety of staff
  • Helps meet BID Levy payers expectations around safety and security
  • Enables real-time health monitoring and management of key security & network devices

Key Features

  • Intuitive, simple set up and use, little or no training required
  • Compatible with any IP camera, all Hikvision NVRs and DVRs
  • Cloud-based central audit log to comply with GDPR and Rules of evidence
  • Speeds up finding evidence/incidents, reducing operator time up to 90%
  • Easy and low-cost data storage compliance using ‘best snapshot’ footage

Hikvision Product Compatibility



Thermal Camera




Video Intercom



Technical Details

Partner Product Name: Tether Technology

Partner Product Version: All

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: All

Integration Protocol: ISAPI, ONVIF


Regions: Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & North Africa, North America, Oceania

Languages: English, Spanish, Russian

About Tether Technology Ltd

The gateway to your physical security, bringing Video Surveillance, Alarm Panels + Access Control together. Making it possible to add Hikvision to environments with other vendors, Tethering systems together and making them communicate with each other.

Please contact us with any questions or if you are interested in this solution.